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The tale of ‘Mountain story’ began in 2016 when an idea emerged from a casual conversation among four friends. Gathered on a rocky ridge in Hunza, they basked in nostalgia over the times when Hunza used to attract hordes of tourists. How that Golden Age was something to be reckoned with and a need was present to leave behind foot prints as legacies. Looking at the gradual emergence of new breed of tourists and hoteliers, they sighted opportunities in Rakaposhi. They realized it was time for the ‘Old Hunza’ to make an impactful comeback and so began the quest for Mountain Story Café. That rocky ridge on which this idea emerged in the place where Mountain Story Café now stands. Hareem Atif Khan named this café quite literally, ‘Mountain Story’, as inspired from its actual tale. In July 2017, Mountain Story opened its doors to guests followed by an addition of ‘Outposts’ – two more properties for travelers to enjoy.

Mountain Story


Asma Haider

Soul of Mountain Story

Asma Haider, the heart and soul of Mountain Story! A woman with mindful passion who thrives to achieve the best for what she truly believes in.

She is a housewife who started off her career in teaching and had probably never thought in her wildest dreams that she would be running a hotel in a far off valley, surrounded by magnificent mountains like Hunza. Indeed, life is full of surprises because this housewife ended up becoming one of the major pillars of Mountain Story.

She serves as a women empowering inspiration. Truly, an entrepreneur with a cause.

How she met the Mountain Story team is another tale. It wasn’t until she decided to scale the base camp of Rakaposhi that her travels led her to meeting the people who now formed the Mountain Story family. They are those helping hands who made ‘Mountain Story’ possible.

Atif Khan

You have a need? We have the way

Most people who meet Atif Khan comment on his social skills. He is the most social mountain hermit, you’ll ever meet. He studied to become an electrical engineer and trained to be a military man before wandering into the mountains. His companions were Sky, the wolfdog by his side and Baby Boo, the teenage African grey parrot on his shoulder most of the time. He claims to know nothing about the hospitality business, valiantly refuses to learn and is yet the Managing Director of Mountain Story. Tourists can catch him riding one of his bikes up the Karakoram Highway or strumming forgotten tunes on his Rubab on the rooftop at Mountain Story. His motto is, “You have a need? We have the way”.

It was of him they sang: ‘He’s a Walking Contradiction, Partly Truth and Partly Fiction.’

He is a father to Breshna and a husband to the long-suffering Hareem.

Shehbaz Khan

Da wakht ba hum teer she.

The Director of Mountain Story is this man, Sherbaz, who can often be found drifting on and about in the wilderness. His passion lies with the scenic beauty nature has to offer man, for he can easily narrate you the story of every tree in the orchard that houses Mountain Story.

This man has the capability of keeping a straight face while explaining his search expeditions for Grandpa’s soul. He’ll quote to you from Umro Ayar, Watayo Faqeer, Mullah Naseeruddin and Ibn-e-Safi and—if he likes you—might lend you a well-thumbed edition from his vintage collection of Louis L’amour.

Sherbaz’s life philosophy is encapsulated neatly in two phrases; Carpe Diem and “Da wakht ba hum teer she.” Thus, when he tells you he’s going for a walk, make no mistake for he is trekking treacherous slopes with the casual ease of a surefooted and light-hearted Hunzakutz.

Zahoor Ellahi

The man for the job

One of the major companions of Mountain Story is Zahoor Ellahi who has been present with Mountain Story since its inception. He is what everyone calls, ‘the man for the job’. He heads all functions from arranging itineraries, sorting out idiosyncrasies to welcoming and seeing off guests. Here at Mountain Story, he is the prestigious manager who ensures that every task is done and customers satisfaction is top priority.